Two Hearts Vineyard

Matt & Amy Adams

"My parents have been coming to Magnanini Winery since before I was born. My first official

dinner out as a newborn was a Sunday Dinner where the name card read, "Wilk 2 1/2". As I

grew older I realized this was the place where I was going to get married. I brought Matt up to

Magnanini for the first time on a Pasta Friday and he was hooked. He fell in love with everything

I'd loved for years the food, the wine, the people and the overall atmosphere. There was so

much sentimental value to the day and starting our new chapter at a place that had been such a

part of my childhood, adolescence and our years of dating. The staff were incredibly attentive, I

was never without a White Claw and my husband always had a beer in hand! The guests

continue to rave about the food months after the wedding! From working with Ava throughout

the planning process all the way to the last dance of the night, it was all I could have asked for

and then some. -The Adams est. 9/23/22"